Two all beef patties…


I got a new client in recently and as often happens paper work went awry. So I missed a little bit of crucial information– that this was one of my asperger’s clients. If I’d known, I never would have thrown a metaphor at her right off. She’d commented about me falling under a different organizational grant than the other people in the office and I joked that as a whole the office was like McDonald’s, were you went in and made a quick selection from the items in the menu, whereas you worked with me if you needed a sit down restaurant with special orders. She just kind of got a blank look on her face and I thought, “OK, guess I’m not as funny as I thought.” Then later, I felt kind of mortified when I realized why she didn’t get it.
After about an hour session though, as she was leaving, her face suddenly lit up and she declared, “I get it! And I’m the gluten-free bun!

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