Barn August2014

Barn August2014

Right now, I’m just going to write and post things. I don’t have a plan. Successful social media/bloggers will tell you that’s a mistake. You need a THEME. a HOOK. a GIMMICK even. Some BRANDING to set you apart and attract readers and viewers to your page. To get those followers. To get those numbers. I should know. I deal with this a lot in my work. I work in…

Well, wait: I work. Like, as a professional–and NOT as a counselor. And!- not from home, or for myself, or part time. Which is unusual to start with, given my background: Teen mom, PTSD, a secret physical disability, and so forth.

I’m sorry.

I can hear all your angry voices now, and I’m bracing for the sucker wave of outraged emails. In my career,  I’ve  have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with a lot of people who are facing the tough odds: bad starts, low socioeconomic status, background issues, physical disability,  and most especially mental disability. It usually sucks. And that’s not our fault. Our world, most ESPECIALLY Western society (I live in the United States), is designed to filter out those that don’t conform, and KEEP THEM DOWN.

Absolutely there are shining examples out there of people who have fought this system and come out on top while managing (and re-managing and re-managing…) mental illness. I WANT those emails. Send me your story so I can post it on this blog. Our tribe needs more encouragement and less sympathy. Different is beautiful.

Different is beautiful, but not very functional in this round peg setting. So, I wanted to write about what it’s like to function, to work on being functional, to try to get back to that functionality on daily terms–when you aren’t made to function like the rest of ’em. Just for fun, I decided to compound the issue. I fell in love with, and had a beautiful daughter with a beautiful mentally ill man. Who has decided to go it alone without counseling or medication after a few bad experiences.  So. There’s something interesting to write about. Oh, and did I mention that beautiful daughter is diagnosed with a “communication disorder” -as in, something weird existing on the autism — Asperger’s spectrum. And the cat–the cat has a rash!

I also try to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods to keep my PTSD down in its box and to try to understand my man without throttling him. I want to talk about that. I’ve found online resources for people with mental illness, and online resources for people living and loving people with mental illness–but you don’t see a lot written for BOTH. Which is too bad. Cause I see that. I mean, I see that every day and every minute and every second, but I see that a lot more than you’d think, elsewhere, in the word around me. Maybe it’s because different attracts different. Maybe it’s because the whole world is a lot more freakin’ crazy than we want to admit here.


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